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Precision Tool™ Spider and Elevators

Deepwater spider & elevator on JOB

150-, 250-, and 350-Ton

U.S. Patent # 5,335,756

Bilco Precision Tool™ Spider & Elevators are designed for handling 2 3/8" - 7 5/8" CRA production tubulars up to 350 tons, where die penetration is unacceptable.

By distributing the pipe load equally between each of the die teeth, only a minimum amount of die tooth penetration is needed to grip heavy pipe strings, usually less than .005". This new system also features a Control Line Friendly spider with an umbilical slot and roller system for running multiple flat packs and control lines in a safe manner, on the rig floor.

Precision Spider & Elevator

Precision Tool™ Deepwater Spider & Elevators

Deepwater Spider and Elevator

U.S. Patent # 5,335,756

Precision Tool™ deepwater spider and elevators are designed to handle large diameter (3 1/2" to 7 5/8" ) corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) production tubulars at loads up to 350 tons, where die tooth penetration is unacceptable. By distributing the pipe load equally between each of the die teeth, only a minimum amount of die tooth penetration is needed to grip heavy pipe strings, typically less than .005 in and greatly reduces stress concentrations due to notch defect damage to the pipe OD. This new system also features a Control Line Friendly™ spider for running multiple flat packs and control lines up to 6.000 in OD. Rig floor operations are done using Control Line Friendly designed deepwater spiders with roller system for umbilicals and elevators that help maintain personnel safety.

Illustration Spider and Elevators

Precision Tool™ Deepwater Sliding Spider

Sliding Precision Spider with Hydraulic Positioning Arm

U.S. Patent # 7,201,233 B2

The sliding precision spider is mounted on a base plate which fits the rotary table, once the bushings are removed, and is specifically designed to run multiple control lines and umbilicals and allows unobstructed passage of oversized completion components through its 21” diameter opening.

Once the spider is hydraulically “slid back” a safety plate is moved over the hole which provides a safe and convenient working platform for clamp installation, etc. The integral hydraulic arm(s) is equipped so that all the control lines and umbilical’s are hydraulically positioned and spaced properly against the pipe body so that clamps can be installed easily, quickly and safely. Once the clamp installation is completed the safety plate is removed and a large opening through the base plate is exposed through which the string with the installed clamps, etc. is run, eliminating any risk of damage to any of the installed components.

Deepwater Sliding Spider 2
Deepwater sliding spider 3

At the point where the string needs to be hung off in the spider, the hydraulic arm(s) is (are) retracted and the spider is “slid back into position over the hole”. At this point the control lines and umbilical’s are guided by the roller systems through the approximately 60 square inches of clear passage area through the spider. Please note that the number and position of the slip bodies has been modified to create this clearance area. (see Figure 3 below)

When a large number of “packs” and umbilicals are to be run which can not properly be controlled by a single arm and roller system, multiple arms and roller systems are available as well as a “funnel” system to guide the lines from the spools into the proper position.

Multi-String Handling Tools

Dual String Handling Tools

Bilco Dual String Handling Tools have provided reliable, efficient service since their introduction to the oil industry in February 1978. These tools were designed for use with cementing or production equipment and were engineered to safely pull or run two strings of tubing or casing simultaneously.

Design Elminates Bent Tubing

The Bilco in-line patented elevator design carries the hook load directly in-line under the bail. This design enables one joint of tubing to be pulled or run without fear of bending the tubing by positioning an extremely heavy of a load off center to the load.

Easy and Quick Access to Open Hole

An open hole can be obtained in less than two minutes with the easy removal of one bolt that holds the Bilco split-bowl spider together. Easy access to an open hole is very important when packers, centralizers, hangers and other types of production equipment must be lowered through the spider without necessity of removing the spider.

The patented Bilco design eliminates the need for the external pipe divider and inner bushings used in older models, saving 45 minutes or more of costly rig time. This feature also eliminates the potential danger of leg injury during the removal of bushings.

Dual String Handling Tool
9.5 Center Dual Tools

Heavy Duty Construction

Bilco dual tools are constructed from high strength alloy steel and have been tested to and are rated for 250 and 400 tons.

Designed for Easy Operation

The control console for Bilco dual handling tools may be placed directly on the rig floor, allowing easy accessibility to the operator.

Eliminates Accidental Dropping of the String

The Bilco control console for the air-operated spider houses two regulators. One regulator controls pressure to the spider and the other controls pressure to the elevator. By regulating air pressure, the slips cannot be accidentally upset after one joint of tubing has been picked up. This feature eliminates costly downtime.

Saves Valuable Rig Time

Three to four hours of rig up and rig down time can be saved per job through the use of the Bilco dual automatic spider-elevator.


Deepwater Dual String Handling Tools

Bilco deepwater dual handling tools are designed to handle dual production tubulars to 5 1/2-in OD.

Designed on 9 1/2 " centers instead of the industry standard 6-in dual tool centers. The Bilco Deepwater Dual Spider™ also features hydraulically retracting slip bowls. When the tubing spider is in the open position the dual tubing is hydraulically pulled apart to allow the room necessary to accommodate 4 1/2 " to 5 1/2 " power tongs. Make-up or break-out of tubing connections is accomplished on the rig floor. The tubing spider’s split position also facilitates running of large diameter control line.

The dual system is completed with the patented Bilco InLine Elevator™. This elevator is also designed on 9 1/2 " centers to match the Bilco Deepwater Dual Spider.

Single String Handling Tools

350 ton Deepwater Sliding Spider

350 Ton Deepwater Sliding Spider

The advantages provided by the Bilco 350-ton Deepwater Sliding Spider�� can save the operator time and money on
deepwater completions.

The spider is easy to rig up and only takes one man to operate. Rig-up time for these tools averages approximately thirty minutes.

Because the spider only has to be picked up once, the chances of dropping anything into the wellbore are greatly reduced.

The Deepwater Sliding Spider is operated hydraulically and uses the same power source as the tongs.

This tool has an opening of 21-in and is large enough to run the lubricator valve and helps eliminate any chances of pinching control lines or umbilicals. The Bilco Deepwater Sliding Spider can run risers to 9 5/8-in or larger. It can also be used for running casing on large jackups, platforms, and semi-submersibles. For work on these rig types, only two men are needed to rig up and operate.

This tool is currently being used by deepwater operators for their subsea completions and has proven to save substantial rig time.