Waste Retriever

U.S. Patent #6951251B2


Description / Application

The Bilco waste retriever series are tools designed to capture well debris. The tools classified as riser waste retrievers have a large capacity basket capable of holding quantities to 14 US gal (2.2 ft3). This riser tool was designed in recognition that even at high pump rates only relatively low annular velocities are achieved in the riser. This design  features screened drainage for positive debris removal, venturi jet porting to enhance debris capture through fluid manipulation and a  robust solid mandrel design with 6 5/8-in reg. tool joint connections for superior torsion and tensile strength. 

The standard waste retriever is for instances where a waste retriever run will be done after circulation and mud conditioning to check for mud cleanliness.

In the dynamic environment of deepwater completions a higher degree of cleanliness is required to prevent non-productive down time. This tool will retrieve debris that has been loosened but not circulated out, which otherwise fall down the well bore to be a potential fouling problem. 



The Bilco waste retriever is generally run above the Bilco Tough Boy™ riser brush tool as an integrated approach to clean and validate well bore cleanliness.  This tool combination is most effective when spaced above the lower marine riser package (LMRP), and is exposed to all circulation related to the clean-up and displacement operation. 

The standard waste retriever can be run in conjunction with a Tough Boy™ brush below it it to assure tubing wall cleanliness or on a check run to provide assurance that the circulation operations have removed all potentially formation damaging debris.

The riser waste retriever and standard waste retriever can be run in all fluids. it becomes more effective as carrying capacities during fluid exchange operations decrease due to lower fluid densities.