Umbilical Manipulation Tools

U.S. Patents # 7,201,233 B2 and # 7,610,965 B2

Bilco’s new Deepwater Umbilical Manipulation Arm was designed to fit around a PS-21 flush mount slip or any spider design that may be being used.  At your request, this tool can be modified to fit around any diameter slip or spider.

This system is hydraulically operated and WILL NOT CRUSH OR DEFORM UMBILICAL LINES.  The arm has a hydraulic sensor that can be adjusted to the amount of push and pull needed for each individual job.  Once the PSI is set for the job the arm will only push with that amount of force.  If the umbilical spool stops un-spooling while the arm is moving forward, the arm will also stop motion (in relation to the set PSI) preventing deformation of the umbilical.  Once the problem is corrected the arm will resume motion.

The BILCO Deepwater Umbilical Manipulation Arm can handle umbilical lines up to 5 inches in diameter and any diameter of production pipe just by adjusting the arm’s hydraulic cylinder pivot point and the position of the rollers.