Tough Boy™ Magnet Tool

U.S. Patent # 7,219,724B2


Description / Application

The Tough Boy™ magnet tool is a string magnet used for ferrous metal debris removal from the wellbore. This robust design is ideal for completion clean-up, milling, and workover applications. The tool is fully rotational and centralized by a non-rotating stabilizer and dressed with powerful high temperature permanent magnets. The Strong Boy magnet tool is designed to be safely and easily cleaned on location for multiple trips throughout all phases of the drilling and completion operation. Comparison testing by a third party has shown the Bilco Tools magnet tool will hold more than 22 pounds of ferrous debris compared to a maximum of 13 pounds for the closest competitive magnet tool. The photo at right shows the Bilco magnet after a wellbore clean-up deployment.


The Tough Boy magnet tool should be run in combination with Bilco scrapers and brushes or as a stand-alone device in milling operations. The Tough Boy is available in various sizes to meet most drilling and completion requirements. A scraper/brush/ magnet combination should be spaced to reach the bottom of all casings and liners to meet each individual casing program. This tool combination will complement most completion operations. Bilco strongly recommend that all wiper rubbers be removed prior to pulling the Strong Boy magnet tool through the rotary. Magnetic storage devices such as credit cards, computers, and watches should be kept away from this tool due to its strong magnetic fields. 

(Pictured above: Magnet Tool in use on a job in India.)