Tough Boy™ Combo Scraper/Brush

Description / Application

Bilco's "Tough Boy"™ Combination Tool is dressed with scraper blades that lead and and brush elements that trail.  This configuration provides the scratch and scour effect necessary to prepare casing and liner ID's in certain applications where ecoomies would not allow the cost of using a scraper and brush tool.  The scraper blades provide 360-degree coverage. The brush elements provide 360-degree coverage.  Bilco's Combination Tool will add value to yoru clean-out displacement string by eliminating the amount of tool bodies without sacrificing the desired effects.


Bilco's "Tough Boy"™ Combination Tool is recommended for short casing or liner lengths where there will not be any packer setting requirements.  It may be run as a stand-alone device in the drill string. The same BIlco toughness and reliability are built into every tool. Bilco's "Tough Boy"™ Combination Tool is compatible with the entire line of Bilco Wellbore Clean-out Tools.