Tough Boy™ Combo Magnet Jet Tool for BOP's

U.S. Patent # 8,607,871 B2


Description / Application

This new tool allows you to jet the area above and below the wear bushing and retrieve any shavings or metallic debris on the magnets above jet nozzles. After cutting a window for sidetracking, shavings are left behind and may not get circulated out of the hole. They can now be forced out and trapped by magnets with this new combo tool.


The tool has a 10 inch OD with magnets below the tool joint with 7/8” jets that are spaced, 8 at 45 degree angles and 8 below that are horizontal. Below the horizontal jets, the 10” OD of the tool has a 45 degree bevel, allowing it to fit in the wear bushing fitted with 4 flutesso that circulation is not hampered. Below the flutes, the OD changes to 6 1/4”, 34” below that are two 5/8” jets at 45 degree angles, and 8” below those jets two more are horizontal jets.