Tough Boy™ Brush Tool Series


Tough Boy™ Riser Brush Tool and Casing Brush Tool (2 3/8" - 20")


Description / Application

The Bilco Tough Boy™ riser brush tool is a well bore clean-up tool designed to clean the inside wall of casings or risers periodically during drilling or completion phases of a well. This tool has brush components to scour the ID of each casing or riser joint and connector. Designed with a one-piece body to provide full strength, the brush tool has drill pipe connections for direct make-up in the drill string. This robust brush tool features stabilizers slightly below drift diameter of the riser to aid in centralizing the drill string.

Operation - Riser Brush Tool

Bilco's Tough Boy™ Riser Brush Tool is run as an integral part of the drill string to clean the riser as the pipe is run into and pulled out of the well.  It can be run with the clean-up string and remain in the riser durign the clean-up operation.  It may be short tripped in the well at the beginning or at the end of the clean-up operation. The riser brush tool can be rotated without fear of damage to the riser or the tool.  The operational parameters of this tool are compatible with the entire Bilco Well Bore Clean-out Tool line.

Operation - Casing Brush Tool (2 3/8" - 20")

The Tough Boy™ Brush Tool is a mechanical aid for all Well Bore cleaning operations. It can be run as a stand-alone device in most drilling or completion operations and is fully compatible with the entire line of Bilco Well Bore Clean-out Tools. This tool is very effective in removing mud cake, oily residue, cement sheath, and pipe scale. Designed to provide superior contact at all angles of inclination and may be oriented pin up or pin down. The Bilco Brush Tool is fully rotational and centralized by a non-rotating stabilizer thus protecting against casing wear and enabling long hours of rotation typically associated with fluid exchange operations.