Precision Tool™ Deepwater Spider & Elevators

U.S. Patent # 5,335,756

Precision Tool™ deepwater spider and elevators are designed to handle large diameter (3 1/2"  to 7 5/8" ) corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) production tubulars at loads up to 350 tons, where die tooth penetration is unacceptable. By distributing the pipe load equally between each of the die teeth, only a minimum amount of die tooth penetration is needed to grip heavy pipe strings, typically less than .005 in and greatly reduces stress concentrations due to notch defect damage to the pipe OD. This new system also features a Control Line Friendly™ spider for running multiple flat packs and control lines up to 6.000 in OD. Rig floor operations are done using Control Line Friendly designed deepwater spiders with roller system for umbilicals and elevators that help maintain personnel safety.




                                    350 Ton