Precision Tool™ Deepwater Sliding Spider

U.S. Patent # 7,201,233 B2

The sliding precision spider is mounted on a base plate which fits the rotary table, once the bushings are removed, and is specifically designed to run multiple control lines and umbilicals and allows unobstructed passage of oversized completion components through its 21” diameter opening.

Once the spider is hydraulically “slid back” a safety plate is moved over the hole which provides a safe and convenient working platform for clamp installation, etc. The integral hydraulic arm(s) is equipped so that all the control lines and umbilical’s are hydraulically positioned and spaced properly against the pipe body so that clamps can be installed easily, quickly and safely. Once the clamp installation is completed the safety plate is removed and a large opening through the base plate is exposed through which the string with the installed clamps, etc. is run, eliminating any risk of damage to any of the installed components.

At the point where the string needs to be hung off in the spider, the hydraulic arm(s) is (are) retracted and the spider is “slid back into position over the hole”. At this point the control lines and umbilical’s are guided by the roller systems through the approximately 60 square inches of clear passage area through the spider. Please note that the number and position of the slip bodies has been modified to create this clearance area. (see Figure 3 below)

When a large number of “packs” and umbilicals are to be run which can not properly be controlled by a single arm and roller system, multiple arms and roller systems are available as well as a “funnel” system to guide the lines from the spools into the proper position.