Bilco Negative Test Packer


Bilco's negative test packer (NTP) is designed to be activated and packed off by set down weight after landing on the liner top. 


The proper packer size is chosen with regard to the production casing size and weight. Packer activation is achieved by using approximately 20,000-lb set down weight. Once activated a total set down weight of 55,000-lb should fully pack off the specially designed sealing element on the packer. Since the packer contains no casing slips test pressures create an end area piston force equal to the post setting effective end area times the test pressure. This force must be offset with pressure in the annulus above the packer and/or additional set down weight.

The Bilco NTP series packer is designed to be run after the casing has been properly cleaned or can be run in conjunction with a separate wellbore cleanout tool such as the Bilco blade/brush type Tough Boy™ casing scraper. When run with the appropriate Bilco wellbore cleanout tool it is recommended to lower the packer to depth and land on the liner top PBR. The drill string should then be manipulated while following the operating procedure for the specific cleanout tool used.

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