Filter Tool



The Bilco Tools Filter Tool is designed to capture particulate matter that has been dislodged as a result of a successful wellbore clean-out operation.  Run in conjunction with a variety of casing scrapers, brush tools, jetting tools and a flow check sub this filtering device will minimize debris falling back into the wellbore.  The Filter Tool, jetting assembly and/or casing scraper or brush tool should be run in conjunction with the wear bushing retriever in a single run to save rig time and lower completion or work-over costs.


In operations to retrieve the wellhead wear bushing, the robust Bilco Tools Filter Tool should lead the clean-up retrieval assembly in the hole with a work string stand spaced between a flow check sub and well head jetting tool.  The Bilco wear bushing retriever should be spaced above the clean-up tools in the work string.  As the wellhead wear bushing is retrieved the exact distance is pulled to place the Bilco jetting tool across the wellhead profile.  The jetting operation will dislodge debris and clean the wellhead profile in preparation for the hanger assembly. 

This clean up assembly with a scraper and/or brush tool instead of the jetting tool can be used to remove heavy debris created during a scraping or brushing operation in the casing that could settle on and foul completion equipment further down the well.  Any loosened or suspended solids will be filtered through the screen mesh and retrieved when pulling the clean-up string out of the hole.