5 1/2 " x  5 1/2 " DUAL SLIDING SPIDER


Deepwater Dual String Handling Tools

Bilco deepwater dual handling tools are designed to handle dual production tubulars to 5 1/2-in OD.

Designed on 9 1/2 " centers instead of the industry standard 6-in dual tool centers. The Bilco Deepwater Dual Spider™ also features hydraulically retracting slip bowls. When the tubing spider is in the open position the dual tubing is hydraulically pulled apart to allow the room necessary to accommodate 4 1/2 "  to 5 1/2 " power tongs. Make-up or break-out of tubing connections is accomplished on the rig floor. The tubing spider’s split position also facilitates running of large diameter control line.

The dual system is completed with the patented Bilco InLine Elevator™. This elevator is also designed on 9 1/2 " centers to match the Bilco Deepwater Dual Spider.

3 1/2 " x 3 1/2 " DUAL SLIDING SPIDER