Circulating Tool


Description / Application

The Bilco circulating tool is used to boost flow rates at liner tops, which is essential for proper well bore cleaning. This tool enables an efficient exchange of well bore fluids or spotting of chemical pills. The Bilco circulating tool is always run in the hole with the ports closed and is opened through contact with the liner top.


The Bilco circulating tool is dressed for each job with regards to liner size and PBR ID. A landing nut below the shifting sleeve contacts the liner top or PBR. Tool activation is achieved by using string weight, only approximately 3000 pounds of down weight is needed to accomplish activation. As described above, once activated the tool operates in one of two possible modes. All circulation should be halted while activating or shifting this tool, to prevent seal damage.

The tool can use up to six shear pins to confirm landing on liner top. The shear pins can be adjusted from 10,000 to 50,000 by the amoutn of shear pins used.