ByPass Jet Tool

Description / Application

Bilco’s Jet Tools are a solid mandrel valve with a   6 3/4” OD for use in 9 5/8” and a 10 3/4" OD for    13 3/8"or larger casing.  This valve can be run in the clean-out/displacement string to jet the wellhead or provide drill string to annulus communication as a By Pass/Circulating Sub.  This tool is used to hydro blast the wellhead or BOP cavities removing lodged solids/debris and introducing them into the fluid stream while increasing annular velocities in the marine riser.  The 6.75" OD has 4 jet nozzles that direct fluid out to thoroughly dislodge gunk and debris. Each nozzle has an ID of .625” with a total flow area of 1.483 square inches.  The 10 3/4" OD has 12 jet nozzles with a total flow area of 4.440 square inches using jet nozzles with a .615" ID.


When tool is positioned at the well head and rates have been established through the bit the jet tool can be activated by dropping a steel ball and shifting the tool to the open position.  This position directs all flow to the jetting nozzles.  The tool is then rotated slowly and reciprocated the appropriate distance.  At maximum achievable flow rate plus maximum boost line rate the debris is introduced into the fluid stream and lifted into the riser.  A Bilco Waste Retriever is strategically placed above the jet tool to accomplish complete removal of the lifted solids.  After the jetting operation the tool is deactivated by dropping a second steel ball, which redirects the flow down the work string back to the bit.  Fluid exchange operation can continue without the need for a designated trip to remove the jet and waste retriever tools.