350 Ton Deepwater Sliding Spider

The advantages provided by the Bilco 350-ton Deepwater Sliding Spider™ can save the operator time and money on deepwater completions.

The spider is easy to rig up and only takes one man to operate. Rig-up time for these tools averages approximately thirty minutes.

Because the spider only has to be picked up once, the chances of dropping anything into the wellbore are greatly reduced.

The Deepwater Sliding Spider is operated hydraulically and uses the same power source as the tongs.

This tool has an opening of 21-in and is large enough to run the lubricator valve and helps eliminate any chances of pinching control lines or umbilicals. The Bilco Deepwater Sliding Spider can run risers to 9 5/8-in or larger. It can also be used for running casing on large jackups, platforms, and semi-submersibles. For work on these rig types, only two men are needed to rig up and operate.

This tool is currently being used by deepwater operators for their subsea completions and has proven to save substantial rig time.